Sunday, March 13, 2011

Garden Tractor Disk Harrow - Progress 3

Made some more progress on the disk harrow for the Garden Tractor. I re-enforced the tongue with angle iron welded to the back of the tool bar and, under the tongue on the front side. I wanted the keep the bar as open as possible so the clamps can be positioned along the bar to accept other implements if desired. I decided rather than building a frame to accept cement blocks for weight I would just use a weight I made for the front of the tractor that I rarely use. (Tractor progress - 5, April '10) It's made to slide in a receiver. I added the tabs so the weight can be set on top, and held in place with a pin. This will also make it easy to remove. The disks need to be cleaned up and painted then it will be complete.
I have notice a number of Google searches for building a Garden Tractor Disk Harrow. I have watched for a small used Sears, or Brinly harrow for sometime. Unfortunately in my area they are not plentiful. I was lucky and these disks were part of a "lot" I bought last fall. They are 12" tall and are in excellent condition. I have included a photo below that shows how they are held together. Instead of bearings they use oak carriers that go around a 1" rod and are held in place by clamps. It's simple but works fine. I am going to replace the wood on these since they are weathered. I will also add grease fittings. I added links in the side bar for Agri-Supply which is a good source for parts (Look under tillage), and Brinly who manufactures Garden Tractor implements. AH

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