Saturday, March 26, 2011

Garden Tractor Disk Harrow - Progress 5

I had a little time this evening to work on the harrow. I got the braces done that will hold the disks angle in place. Just a few things left to do. 1) Replace the wood blocks, 2) Finish welding, The pieces I added today are just tacked in place, 3) Proper nuts, and bolts, 4) Clean up the surfaces, and give it a good coat of enamel paint. We had more snow here this week, most of it melted today. The potato patch, and garden spot in Idaho are still under a couple feet of snow.

Garden - Starting Seeds Indoors

I started some seeds this week. I have tomato big beef and Ssuper sweet 100s. I have never tried to grow tomato's indoors before so, we'll see if I can do it successfully. I mixed the potting soil in a bucket with water and let it set overnight. It should be moist, but not wet. I use plastic or foam cups to get them going. I compact the soil so it's nice a firm and then use a pen to make a hole the desired depth. I use a golf T for tiny seeds like broccoli, and Brussels Sprouts. I also punch a few holes in the bottom of each cup so excess water can drain off. For now I have them on the kitchen table. It's warm by the window and light isn't needed for germination but, warmth is. I also, planted zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, and cucumbers.

Garden Tractor Disk Harrow - Progress 4

More progress on the harrow. I made a couple of changes. The tool bar is now hinged to the tongue so it will pivot. I tried to keep the design as simple as possible. This will allow the disks to be angled upward for hilling (see the last photo). I found a video of a similar setup on a larger tractor. It does a nice job of hilling potato's. Since I have a smaller Garden Tractor I drive between rows rather than over the top.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Changes for the Disks Harrow

I have been incredibly busy. But, have managed to get a little done. Starting planting seeds inside yesterday. I'll try and get more details up tomorrow. I have also been giving the disk harrow a little re-think. I may make some changes. I might have the opportunity to pick up a 60's Allis-Chalmers garden tractor. In doing a little research on the said tractor, I found a picture of the disk harrow made for the early Simplicity, and Allis-Chalmers garden tractors.The design has given me something to think about.

This design uses the same disks gangs as I have. It is built not only to adjust the angle of the disks to the ground. But allows the tool bar to be tilted forward. This would allow the outer disks to ride higher and the inside disks to dig in. A set up like this would be very desirable for hilling potato's when the plants are larger, and making raised beds. I have everything I need to make the change. But, I'll think about it for a couple of days. I hope to have time on Saturday to work on it. AH

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wheel Hoe - Finished

Here's the finished Wheel Hoe. I'll give myself a pat on the back for this one. It looks great. I'm looking forward using it. I think it will save a lot of time. Oh! Look the snow is gone. Temps in the 50's today. :)

Garden Tractor Disk Harrow - Progress 3

Made some more progress on the disk harrow for the Garden Tractor. I re-enforced the tongue with angle iron welded to the back of the tool bar and, under the tongue on the front side. I wanted the keep the bar as open as possible so the clamps can be positioned along the bar to accept other implements if desired. I decided rather than building a frame to accept cement blocks for weight I would just use a weight I made for the front of the tractor that I rarely use. (Tractor progress - 5, April '10) It's made to slide in a receiver. I added the tabs so the weight can be set on top, and held in place with a pin. This will also make it easy to remove. The disks need to be cleaned up and painted then it will be complete.
I have notice a number of Google searches for building a Garden Tractor Disk Harrow. I have watched for a small used Sears, or Brinly harrow for sometime. Unfortunately in my area they are not plentiful. I was lucky and these disks were part of a "lot" I bought last fall. They are 12" tall and are in excellent condition. I have included a photo below that shows how they are held together. Instead of bearings they use oak carriers that go around a 1" rod and are held in place by clamps. It's simple but works fine. I am going to replace the wood on these since they are weathered. I will also add grease fittings. I added links in the side bar for Agri-Supply which is a good source for parts (Look under tillage), and Brinly who manufactures Garden Tractor implements. AH

Light Stand - Finished / Indoor Seeds Arrived

Finished the light stand. Just in time the seeds to be started indoors arrived with the mail today. I hope to get them planted in containers by weeks end. I have Supersweet Cherry's, and Big Beef tomato's. I had ordered a grape tomato as well, but it was discontinued. I wish they had just substituted another variety rather issuing a credit. I am also starting Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Straightneck yellow, and Zucchini squash.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Garden Tractor Disk Harrow - Progress 2

I got some work done on the tongue, and hitch for the disk harrow. It needs some bracing where the tongue meets the tool bar. My schedule is full this week so I'm not sure when I'll get to work on it again. We are having another snow storm this evening. It's dropped about 6" in the last couple hours, and is still coming down. AH