Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden - 2011

Garden up date 5/18/2011
This is the first planting of corn is up.
The Strawberries are doing well. These were planted last spring. 25 bare root plants. The blossoms indicate we'll get some berries this season.

Two rows of yellow onions side by side. I covered the 1st row as I made the furrow for the second one. These are in ID garden. The rows are 100 ft long, and have 200 sets in each row. I planted them close together, and will thin them by pulling young green onions to eat.

Growing Potato's - 2011

Here's where the potato garden will be. It's been plowed, and disk ed, and is ready for the potato seed in a couple of weeks. The will be 16 rows in this plot. 12 of them will be be Norland Red (100 lbs of seed), and Burbank Russet (50 lbs if seed). Each row will be approx. 100' long. The remaining rows 4 rows will be peas, spinach, onions, and broccoli. The broccoli is new this year. I think it will grow well in the cool climate. I leave 4' between each row so they can be cultivated, and hilled with a small tractor. It also help to keep the ground from being depleted from nutrients. I try and keep things organic, and natural. : ) Gardening is like a science experiment seeing what will grow, and how to improve the quality, and harvest from year too year. I learn new things each season.

Garden Tractor Disk Harrow - Complete

Here's the finished disk harrow for the little tractor. It works great. I plowed the potato garden with a turn plow about three weeks ago. With the disks angled it moves a lot more dirt than I thought it would. It easily took care of leveling out the hills left by the plow, and cleaned up all the small weeds. In the photo's you can see I have the concave side of the disk towards the center and they are nearly straight in effort to level out the dirt. With the weight on they dig in 5-6"s. AH