Sunday, April 25, 2010

Garden Tractor Progress - 6 Cultivator

My son came by yesterday and help be get the cultivator finished, well almost. I still need to build a post for the V-plow, and hilling blades. I gave it trial run through the garden. It worked great. AH

Tree's in Bloom

These photos are a couple weeks old. Our Apricot trees in bloom. Unless we get a late frost there will be lots of fruit. AH

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Freebie Tractor

This little tractor was free. I have been watching for a junker to use the front tires and axle to build a cart. I spotted this one next to pile of junk behind a house I pass everyday on my commute to work. One day I stopped and inquired about it since it looked like it was on it's way to the scrap yard. Sure enough the guy said it was left behind by the previous home owners. He didn't have any interest in it. And told me I could have it, said it would save him hauling it away. Well how could I resist that sad little face. It's like it was cry out "save me". So I hauled it home happy, I now had tires for the cart. Well as it turns out I just can't leave things alone. It is complete except for the mower deck that was stripped of it's spindles, and blades. It's looks rough with it's rusty hood, and mismatched rear tires. I was looking at it one evening and thought it might be worth seeing if it would run. I pulled carburetor a part and threw it in a can of solvent overnight. After a hour of tinkering and a $2 fuel line it started right up. No smoke, sounds good. I thought well maybe the transmission was bad. Check the fluid and gave it a try. Works fine, runs strong. It runs, and it was free! It doesn't get better than free! Not sure what I'll do with it. Perhaps a project for another day. As if I don't have enough to do already. AH

Garden Tractor Progress - 5 Cultivator, Bumper, and Wheel Weights

Pushing a head on the tractor project. My goal is to have it completed by the middle of May. It will be used on the Idaho property. Got the hitch for the cultivator finished up. The UPS man delivered the sweep plows. Hopefully now I can get it completed. The front bumper, front weight box, and the rear wheel weights are complete and now need to be cleaned up for paint. I think they look pretty good considering they are largely made from free junk. My way of recycling. Always makes me feel good to turn junk into something useful. AH

Seeds and Set arrived in the mail

Our seeds, onion sets, and tomato plants arrived in the mail today. For the Utah garden there be four varieties of corn, and five varieties of tomatoes. Zucchini and yellow squash, cucumbers cantaloupe, and pumpkins. We will also plant lettuce, spinach, and peppers. For Idaho where the climate is cooler peas, lettuce, spinach, onions, potato's and carrots. I am going to try broccoli and Brussels sprouts this year. These have not produced well in the home garden the last couple of years. They should do better in the cooler weather. We have some of the seeds started indoors. I am trying yo hold off until the first of May to start planting. The spring weather here is sunny one day, and snowing the next. Last year I had to replant several things that did not survive the harsh spring weather. AH

Potato Seed Arrived

Picked up the potato seed. 50 lbs of Russet Burbank, and 100 lbs of Dark Red Norland. Should be enough for 15 or so rows. They will not get put in the ground until Memorial Day. For now they are in a cool place until planting time. The russets make good bakers, and the Norland have a smooth red skin that is scab resistant, and white insides. We start digging these as new potato's mid summer. They keep well in a cool place, we are still eating last falls harvest. They are still as good as they were last fall. AH