Sunday, November 21, 2010

Garden and Potato Harvest 2010

ne of the last harvest of the season are the potato's and onions. Kind of the grand finally of the garden season. The potato's will last us the winter. They are stored in a cool cellar and will keep until spring. How many potato's? My best guess is 650 lbs. There are lots of nice russet bakers, and big red ones. The smaller ones get used in strew and just diced and cooked.
From mid summer to fall we can pretty much eat from the garden. When the kids come to visit I always send them home with fresh veggies.

Here's how the potato's look late summer. The plants are some of the largest we have had.
Started digging new potato's in the late summer.

The best tomato solution I have found so far. I have never been happy with cages they don't due a very good job of supporting the plant. This year I out the cages over the plants upside down like cone. They plants have just simply out grown the cages. I took a 5" section a chain link top rail and drill a bunch of holes in the top. Then I made "S" hooks out of heavy wire, and used green garden string to tie the plant up as they grow. It takes a little time but worked well and kept the tomato's off the ground. I had no problems with the stems breaking when they laden with fruit.