Thursday, April 21, 2011

Garden - Young Plants

It's been a little over two weeks since my last post on the seedlings, now young plants. I have transplanted most everything into there own containers. There are sill a few that I planted later that need to me moved. I as you can see by the photos everything is growing like crazy. The light and stand seems to be working out well. I hope to move the plants outside by Mother's Day. They will have to be hardened before then. The weather here is still to cold for them to send anytime outside. We are having a cold, wet spring here. Last Saturday we had a little sunshine, my grand daughter help me plant a row of onions, and some sunflower seeds.

Onions Sets

We'll be growing a few onions this year. In past years I normally plant about 75 onions which last us through the winter. This year I had my source for potato seed get me a bag of onions sets. Now based on what they have cost in years past I was think a few of hundred which was fine since I was sharing with a couple of other gardeners. They put the bag in the back of the jeep for me. It wasn't until I got home I realized that I had some 3,000 baby onions. Everyone I know will be growing onions.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Garden - Seedlings

Most of the seeds have germinated and the seedlings are looking good. Got them all moved under the light today. I planted a few more seeds until I used up the potting soil. I would rather have to many plants, than not enough.
Cucumbers - planted 4 seeds 3/22 - 4 seedlings 4/3
- planted 2 seeds 4/3
Zucchini - planted 2 seeds 3/22 - 2 seedlings 4/3
-planted 2 seeds 4/3
Yellow squash - 2 seeds 3/22 - 2 seedlings 4/3
Broccoli - planted 20 seeds 3/22 - 20 seedlings 4/3
- planted 12 seeds 4/3
Brussels Sprouts - 10 seeds 3/22 - 10 seedlings 4/3
Tomato's Big Beef - planted 10 seeds 3/22 - 8 seedlings 4/3
Cherry Tomato F-100 Supersweets - planted 8 seeds - 6 seedlings 4/3
Green Bell peppers - planted 10 seeds 3/22 - 0 seedlings 4/3
- planted 4 seeds 4/3
Peppers can take up to 20 days to germinate.