Saturday, July 16, 2011

Watering System

This is what came up with as a solutions for making the garden easier to water. I water the plants by making furrows long side the plants and turning water in to the furrows. I have about twelve rows, too many water with a hose. I made PVC line approx 30 ft long. I start with a hose connections running into a 3/4' pipe for about ten feet and them about twenty feet of 1/2" pipe capped at the end. For each row I use 3 the quarter inch pipe outlets drilled into the main pipe. Thet fit tight enough gluing is not necessary. Three gives a Nice flow of water. Most of my row are about 60 feet long. So there must be sufficient water flow make it down the row. I find golf T's fit in the pipe perfectly and make it easy to regulate the water follow by adding and removing the T's depends on the water flow needed. Primitive but works well. You want the water to soak in good. So being able to regulate the water flow is important.
I use wood stakes with a hole drilled in them to hold the hosed in the furrows.

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