Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden Update 6/22

Here a some photos of the garden as of June 22. A week old now. Warm weather is finally here and making a big difference. Things are growing.
There are bachelor buttons around the tree near the top of garden. They add a little color to the garden and attract bees. The garden in surrounded by Lilly's and sunflowers. The Lilly's are starting to bloom.
The robins were stealing the Strawberries. My wife added this guy in the middle of the box. It seems to be keeping the birds away.
Broccoli is growing well. There are 6 of these. I hope the head form soon before the really hot weather arrives. They don't like the heat. Have them planted in a area of the garden that gets some shade.
There are 3 Brussles sprouts. I will take until fall be for they are ready to be harvested.
The squash are doing ok. I had to remove some of the little squash that we growing because the ends were rotting from all the rain. As off today there about eight new squash that are just a couple of inches long.
The lettuce has really taken off. The crop in the box was harvested this week. And the row is ready. I cut them off about 1" above the ground. The leaves will grow back in a couple of weeks.
The bell peppers are growing slowly. Which is normal. No blossoms yet. There are six plants.
This is one of the Big Beef tomato's. There are five total. They are doing great. The stems has bulked up and the are a nice dark green with thick leave. The have blooms but no little maters
This is one of the Cherry tomato's, there are three total. Growing well. There blossoms, and some pea sized fruit.
These are the onions. I have several rows of these. I've been cutting them for green onions.
This is the first corn that was planted. There are three more varieties all planted at different times. We should start have corn to eat sometime in the middle of July and into September.

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